Reckless Rollers!

Are you thinking about trying roller derby but you missed the most recent try-outs? Are you a retired skater but can longer commit to being on a league? Do you just want to have fun skating with other women who also want to have fun skating, and also maybe bump into each other a few times for even more fun? Check out B.A.D.’s recreation league Reckless Rollers! Skating and derby drills for most levels.*

Reckless Rollers is a noncompetitive atmosphere geared towards fitness and fun for women 18+. Starting in September, the Reckless Rollers training sessions, lead by B.A.D. league members, will be held on Saturdays 12:30-2:30pm at B.A.D.’s practice space in Oakland.

Join the Reckless Rollers Google group and Reckless Rollers Facebook page to find out more!

* Must have basic skating skills.

Gear up at Cruz Skate Shop!

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Sep 13: Black & White Scrimmage

Come skate with BAD September 13!  BAD’s Black & White Scrimmages are open to all skaters who have passed the WFTDA minimum skills test and have scrimmage experience. We hold scrimmages at three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

  • Please bring both a black and a white t-shirt with your number on the back (numbers must follow WFTDA rules for numbers).
  • Bring all gear including mouthguard.  All skaters will be gear checked before they skate.
  • WFTDA and USARS chartered – everyone who skates must sign a waiver.

Skaters :: $5 Entry Fee – cash only


Spectators :: Sorry, no spectators but scrimmaging skaters can stay and watch other scrimmages.

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BAD All-Stars at WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs

The 2014 season is ramping up for our All-Star Team as they head to WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Salt Lake City, Utah, September 26-28. Watch some of the most talented skaters in the world compete for women’s flat track roller derby’s highest honor in the third of the 2014 WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs.  Whether you watch live in SLC or you watch at home on WFTDA tv, don’t forget to wear your BOOing pants and also cheer for your favorite team – BAAAAYYYY AAAAARRREEEEEAAAAAA!!!